After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree, I spent 8 years in the corporate world.  I started investing in the markets in 1995, and as I learned more and more about it I knew it was where I wanted to be.  So I left my corporate job and started dedicating my life to trading and investing full time.

I realized early on during my trading journey that personal psychology and the psychology of the markets were two of the most important aspects of being able to trade well. I found that no single source really helped me achieve the success I was looking for. So through research, study, and then applying what I was learning, I was able to put together the key concepts that helped me achieve success in my investing and trading.

Today I am a strong advocate of addressing and working with the psychological element of trading. Through my experiences and the work I have done in this area, I have found the best ways to make changes in our psychological programming to improve trading results.  I find that much of the instruction available for traders and investors over-emphasize the usefulness of objective technical analysis in relationship to the mental part of the trading game.  I'm here to work to provide what I feel is a very useful balance between technical analysis and peak performance psychology in trading and investing.  This includes mindset, biases, and cultivating or growing the major success mental skills that apply to all dimensions of life.

Over the past many years, I have been an influential educator, coach, mentor and trading room moderator for traders and investors. I have authored DVD material and many articles about trading psychology and methodology. I have also had the privilege of instructing 100's of students in live seminars. I take great pride in helping others learn how to take control and invest their own money successfully.

When I am not trading, I am passionate about spending time with my family.  I fly Cessnas and Pipers, read a ton, and exercise all the time.  I also work with children in theater programs that help build self-esteem and self-confidence.  I am enjoying the journey every step of the way!