Vince Lombardi is known to be one of the greatest coaches and motivators in history.  Notice that in his quote he says “Hard Work” but not long hours.  Even the most successful people in many different disciplines have coaches to help refine and improve what they are already doing well.  If you are just getting started in trading you must seek out a coaching team you can trust to help you reach your goals. Our approach to trading is simple!  Work smart and model what is successfully working and replicate that to fit your personal needs!

I have been trading and investing my own accounts since 1995 and have been helping other traders since 2007.   The common denominators for success are always the same.   Find something that fits your personality and make sure you 'trade your nature.'

Keep it simple.  Follow a plan.  Track and study your results.  Creativity.  Tenacity.  Persistence.  

My focus is to produce income using short term charts on a daily basis.  I also specialize in gap trading to exploit extraordinary moves.  I also swing trade (holding positions for multiple days or weeks). 

I specialize in reading Candlestick charts and using my own advanced form of technical analysis.  I will be developing course work on some very advanced concepts that I utilize that will be available to the public in the future.

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