Top Stock Watch

"Tom's Top Stock Watch" is a new service on my Youtube channel (access my youtube channel from the youtube icon on the homepage of this website) which will be a video that will share all of my top trading ideas (for both day trading and swing trading) at the time of issue.  In the past I’ve shared one or a couple of my ideas on my free videos, and due to requests I have now decided to share all my stock ideas from my most recent scans via this new video series.

These videos are primarily for education only.  I strongly advise you to not trade with real money until you have established what you have proven to yourself is a trading edge and the discipline with which to execute that edge.  If you have not established that yet, I believe these videos will be of great use to getting you to start to think along those lines so that you can develop your personal edge in the markets.

I will discuss why I like each stock and what to look for in each name as the trading days after the video is released unfold.  I believe these videos will also be quite educational for viewers as it shares my thought processes around technical analysis on a real time basis with real ideas at the time of release.

I have decided to make these videos extremely inexpensive.  To access any one video it costs the price of a typical trading commission - $6.99.  The reason why I do not offer a longer term subscription service is because I have found that many traders have different jobs or a lot of free time, and you may not be able to use the video if you are on vacation or not trading during the time after it is released.  I don’t want people to pay for something they won’t be able to use.

Granted, the videos will have some ideas that you can watch for several weeks, however the majority of the technical analysis I will be providing will be for the next 5 trading days after the video is released.

This way there is no long term commitment and you can pay for any videos you want.  On the same token, due to my lifestyle, I will be releasing these videos without a set schedule.  The best way to be notified about a video release is to subscribe to my youtube channel (which is free) and you will be notified when a new video is released.  I will also tweet about the release of the video as well right after it is posted.  I will most likely be releasing videos a couple times a month, however in more dynamic and eventful times I may do multiple videos in a week.  It just depends on the market environment we are in.

I will still continue to do an update video on a periodic basis that is free of charge on my youtube channel as well which will share one or a few ideas from my scans, but not all of them like the Tom’s Top Stock Watch series will do.

Happy trading and as always if you have questions please contact me at